Spell Rules

Mages and Armor:

Magic-users may wear leather (not studded) or padded armor without penalty.
May wear armor with metal only on the following conditions:
- must have STR greater than 10
- must have DEX greater than 10
- must have INT greater than 14
- no spells or scrolls will work while wearing armor with metal
- carrying encumbrance does apply


Starting spells:

(not a house rule, but an actual one that is often forgotten…)
Mages start their spellbook with Read Magic plus their choice of 1 each offensive, defensive, and utility spell (non-named spells). The rest of their minimum quota is subject to INT-based percent-to-know roll.

Daily Casting:

The Mage can cast at least one-half their minimum-to-know spell rating (rounded down) each day.
So, a 1st level magic-user with an 18 INT can cast 4 spells per day instead of just 1.

Acquiring spells:

Official rules apply: Mages must find the spells they want to add to their spellbook, they don’t just get new spells upon leveling (but they do at that point get to roll to see if their saved spells are addible to their book).
With one exception: The mage may actually pick any 1 DM-approved approved spell to know upon leveling, to represent their own studying and trial-and-error over time.

Spell components:

You must have the proper components to cast spells as required.
Though, we won’t get too OCD about it: when you acquire the components for a spell, we’ll refer to it as “x-castings amount” of it and not worry about weights and measures.

Spell Rules

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