Group Template

Questionnaire for a Group Template

1. Does the Game Master need our group to be something in particular for his/her plot?

Yes. A cohesive group of adventurers willing to work together, at the very least, in the short term to investigate the legendary caverns underneath the city of Waterdeep.

2. In brief, what will our group be when the game starts?

3. When and how did the characters first meet?

4. Are the character located in the same place or willing to travel to a common meeting place? If not, how will the characters be brought together for the game?

The characters begin the campaign in a mountain town Four Trails, about three days travel east of Waterdeep. Did they arrive there together? Did they meet there?

5. What major events have they shared in their past?

6. On a personal level, what keeps the characters together?

7. What goals are shared by all of the characters?

8. Is there enough moral agreement among the characters to keep them from abhorring each other?

9. Is there any potential conflict between character personalities, goals, or ethics that could become so great the plot will fizzle out or players will be excluded?

10. What plot elements are in the group’s history the Game Master can use in his/her plot?

Group Template

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