DM Philosophy

I am not here to screw you.

It is not GM vs Player. I don’t “win” by killing your players, nor by making you unduly frustrated, nor by making you feel powerless or stupid in the game.

You “win” an RPG when you have fun, you “lose” when you stop having fun. My job is to help all of us have fun.

My job is to help facilitate an adventure, a shared story.

That said, I won’t give you a free pass: Adventuring is dangerous and there are consequences. I won’t Monty Haul you, and I won’t softball. But I likely won’t let you die ignominiously, nor make you feel “what’s the point!?” (See my change to the horrific level-drain rule.)

Big Bads, “boss” monsters, and named creatures may kill you, keep in mind.

And if you do something obviously stupid, if you ignore all the clues that what you’re about to do will likely kill you, and you do it anyway, I won’t help you.

So, with that in mind, if you play with me as a GM, you’ll have to accept that I fudge rules, make rulings up off the top of my head, play fast-and-loose with deciding arbitrarily what happens how. If you’re the kind of player who believes all actions and their results must be covered by a rule and arbitrated impassionately by an objective rule judge, well, go play a computer game (or 3rd edition D&D), to be perfectly blunt. That’s not the way I roll.

Know that my arbitrary decisions will nearly always benefit the players more than the enemy, and that should help you feel better about it. :)

DM Philosophy

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