Character Creation

Determining Attributes:

  • Best 3 dice out of 4d6.
  • You may roll this 6 times and then select which attribute to assign the results to.
  • Then, increase only one attribute as much as desired by decreasing only one attribute by the same amount.

Hit Points:

First 2 levels — take full hit die value.
Each level thereafter — choose:

  • half hit die + 1 (plus CON bonus)
  • roll and accept the role regardless (plus CON bonus)

Weapon Proficiencies:

1st ed. proficiency rules will be used.
House Rule: magic-users may start with an additional weapon proficiency at the cost of lowering their min AND max known spells by 2. (Useable only once.)

Encumbrance rules will be used.

Mage Rules

See the page: Spell Rules for more.

Character Creation

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