Elf raised by a Human adventuring couple who seeks adventure and knowledge of the arcane.


She was young, probably 13-15 (a toddler by Elven lifespans)when her parents were killed. Who or what killed them is a mystery. A Human couple, new in their marriage and adventuring life, found the Elf wandering the forest. They took her with them and raised her as their own. She journeyed with them during their adventuring spells and stayed home with them when they had grown too old to enjoy it anymore. They lived long lifespans for humans, and when they both passed on, Amilia sought out a new life, one she hoped would bring her as much joy as the 60 years her Human parents had.

Now, nearly 100 years later, she has graduated from her introduction to the arcane arts and is seeking a way to learn more. An opportunity unlike any she could have dreamed of showed up in the form of a beautiful Warrior of Light. This Warrior invited her on an adventure into The Undermountain, and she gladly accepted. Now along with others seeking such opportunity, she journeys into the darkness seeking adventure, knowledge, and the joy she remembers from her early years.

Raised by Human parents has given Amilia a different take on life than most Elves. She’s still aloof and strange at times, but she has few prejudices. She spends her free time with her study materials laid out before her.


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