Through Undermountain

Into the Undermountain

Four days ago, we trekked into the depths of a city beneath a city. How fascinating it is that such a group of unlikely adventurers turned friend find themselves in the darkness of the unknown.

I packed up the entirety of my belongings, the book of knowledge I had started, and a few extra items for such a journey, and joined these adventurers.

I have learned that you must be quick on your feet and quick of mind to advance these perilous halls. Creatures once dead rise up to attack us; creatures very much among the living do the same. Most haven’t the brains of a stone of the earth, but they fight well enough. It seems even the Undermountain is an enemy. On our first day, it swallowed one of our friends before spitting him out along with an explosion of fire. I was lucky enough to have ducked beyond the doorway; unfortunately for my newfound friends, they were not so lucky.

We stumbled upon a curious room. It is void of magic. Take a step into the room – no magic. Take that step back out – magic again. Though the room fascinates me, I fear how it weakens me by putting my magic out of reach. My magic has been slightly useful in obtaining information on particular items of interest and lighting the occasional fire. However, I hope that through great study I can be of more use for my comrades.

An item of curious note: there is a moving wall of black stone that seems to have no entrance or exit. It blocks our path north. Is it a sign that we should turn back? Are there others like it? It is cool and smooth. When we first came across it, it was rotating left; it now rotates right, and we haven’t a clue as to why.

So far we have acquired a few magical items of note: a set of armor that glows with light, a sword that is magical but I cannot discern as to how, a dagger that is magically sharp, and a wand of random power.

We also have 3 tapered sticks that seem to have no purpose as of yet as well as 3 keys – two are brass and plain and one is golden and ornate.

What is great about this group is their fearlessness and desire to succeed. The monk and paladin are devout, the ranger and fighter skilled in combat, the cleric great at scaring undead and providing healing, and our thief is adept at finding and disarming the occasional trap.


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